Meet our executive team

Our team at NobleQuest is completely focussed towards providing the best services. The team of principals at NobleQuest is in tune with every aspect of Healthcare services. Our team has strong professionals who have proved excellence and have sheer knowledge in their work area.

Here is a brief introduction of our team :

  • Maria Alfaro, MD- Chief Medical Officer

Dr Alfaro has more than 10 years of medical practice and leadership experience. Her prior affiliations include: Veteran's Hospital System (VA), Mission Community Hospital, Great Plains Hospital and Philippine general Hospital. She is board certified in Internal Medicine, Bariatic Medicine and Wound Care Management.

  • Ailene Rivera, PT : Chief Executive Officer

Ailene has over 15 years of experience as a clinician and health care leadership. She has worked on different health care settings all over Southern CA. She is also the founder and president of California Rehab Specialists.

  • Mikhaile Ramos, BSN : Chief Operating Officer

Mikhaile has over 4 years of clinical, case management, and revenue cycle expertise in health care business.

  • Paul Rolda-Laurel : VP Business Development

Paul is a graduate of mass communication and broadcasting, Paul brings in a strong knowledge with program outreach and media relations.

Our Projects

Mobility for every child

Paralysis Movement

Community Medical Mission

Building a home for healing

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